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Peace TV Live

Peace TV Live: Peace Tv Live is a nonprofit satellite television network broadcasting globally 24/7

from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Peace TV programs are all in the English language and

telecast free-to-air. However the founder and president of Peace TV is Zakir Naik, an Islamic preacher from

Mumbai, India.

What is a Peace Tv Live?

So Peace TV is one of the well known Islamic channels around the world. Certainly his channel telecasts wide

range of top rated Islamic religious programs watch by millions of viewers every day around the world.

Peace TV is a non for profit satellite television network broadcasting globally 24/7 from

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Watch Ramadan 2016 Live Transmission in English language.

The founder and president of Peace TV is Zakir Naik who is an Islamic preacher from Mumbai, India.

Certainly Peace TV channel telecast to more than 200 countries around the world, includes in Asia,

Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. In 2009, its sister channel Peace TV Urdu was

launched that dedicated especially to the Urdu-speaking viewers around the world and on 22 April 2011, Peace TV Bangla launched that dedicated especially to the Bengali-speaking viewers

around the world. However the TV programmes features international famous scholars and orators.

So the main goal of the Peace TV is promote the teaching of Islam all over the world and to provide

solutions of quires of Muslim Ummah in accordance of Islam.

So you can watch Peace TV channel online available on HamariWeb.

However this page is dedicated to live streaming of Peace TV Urdu live. Feel free to post your comment

about the programs of channel on this page.

About Us Peace Tv Live

So Peace TV was launched on Asarabt on satellite BADR-3 in October 2006.

However it is additionally accessible for nothing out of pocket from the LiveStation satellite TV computerdiesh.

The direct got £1.25 million out of 2009 from the Islamic Research Foundation International,

an enlisted philanthropy possessed by Zakir Naik.

In 2011 the UK broadcasting regulator  investigated the channel for claims of broadcasting radical messages. So its programes have labelled Jews as foes of Islam and that the

psychological oppressor assaults were an inside activity.

However in 2012, Ofcom ruled the channel disrupted telecom guidelines which states hostile remarks ought to be

supported by the specific situation. So it was administered on the accompanying explanations which were communicated on

8 March 2012 on the Dare to Ask programme:

However Harmony TV communicates ‘Allowed to Air’ cutting edge TV programs in English and Urdu.

Upheld up by the best accessible media innovation, imagination, look into, program programming’s and operational administration.

So Mission for advancing truth, equity, profound quality, concordance, insight and PEACE for the entire of mankind.

So Harmony TV can be gotten and appreciated in excess of 125 nations overall including numerous parts of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and USA.

Certainly the communicated projects will highlight globally famous researchers and speakers on religion and mankind including;

Dr Zakir Naik (India)

Ahmed Deedat (South Africa)

Dr. Bilal Philips (Canada)

Yassir Fazaga (USA)

Abdur Rahim Green (UK)

Hussain Ye (Malaysia)

Dr. Jafar Idris (Sudan)

Salem Al Amry (UAE)

Dr. Israr Ahmed (Pakistan)

Maulana Parekh (India)

also, numerous others

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