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Hadi Tv Live

Hadi Tv Live: Hadi Tv  live is an International television channel with a Muslim religious focus, producing programs mainly focusing on the Twelver school of thought. However it named after the name of 10th Imam Ali al-Hadi and duly called Hadi TV.

What is a Hadi Tv Live?

So the main multilingual Islamic station to spread the genuine instructing of Prophet Muhammad

(harmony arrive) and certainly his Holy Progeny (harmony be upon them). So Hadi TV is a religious Pakistani satellite

TV slot. However Hadi TV  established to spread the genuine lessons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and

Aale Muhammad (AS). So the station established in 2006.However in April 2017 broadcasting of this divert restricted in Jammu and Kashmir, India by the Central Government of India.

About Us

Hadi TV is an International TV station with a Muslim religious center, delivering programs

principally concentrating on the Twelver school of thought.[2] It named after the name

of tenth Imam Ali al-Hadi and properly called Hadi TV. It is first multilingual Islamic direct to

communicate programs in excess of 15 Languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian,

F.Dari, Hausa, Swahili, Pashto, Azeri, French, Turkish, Russian, Kurdi, Thai and Malay languages.

The channel is serving a blend of edutainment and infotainment for the network far and wide.

Hadi TV is creating programs from Pakistan and different nations

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