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Zaiqa Tv Live

Zaiqa Tv Live: ZaiqaTV Live is a Pakistani television channel. Zaiqa TV is based in Lahore, Pakistan.

The channel founded and launched in 2015. Zaiqa TV is one of well known food & cooking

channel in Pakistan. Zaiqa TV a wide range of top rated TV cooking shows programs watch by

millions of Pakistani every day around the world.

What is a Zaiqa Tv Live?

Zaiqa TV has a panel of top chefs who run various interactive cooking programs. The race between

the cooking channels starts with the launch of Zaiqa TV in May 2010. Zaiqa team aims to provide

various cooking styles, cuisines, and dishes for the food lovers in a specialized way. The Zaiqa TV

recipes are easy to make and the channels gets the spotlight as the expert chef’s displays their

professional expertise to teach viewers different recipes. The shows either recorded and some are

on air live. Zaiqa TV Live aims to provide innovative and delicious recipes that suit your taste buds.

The channel’s tagline “Zaiqa is hi mai hai” became popular among masses. Watch Zaiqa TV recipes

live streaming online cooking videos, chefs, recipes. Catch Zaiqa TV Live on HamariWeb where you

don’t miss out any show.

About Us Zaiqa Tv Live

ZAIQA TV is a family stimulation channel. It conveys assortment of stimulation, one of a kind thoughts

with eye-getting area and innovative creation esteems. First Pakistani stimulation channel investigating

global area based morning appear, determined 3 hours kids space with new characters, universal

travelog, indoor and open air shot cooking appear, extraordinary ideas of show’s and some more.

Since its begin Zaiqa TV getting the gigantic reaction from watchers demonstrated by standard

estimating parameters, allures the quantities of eye balls and having legitimate position in its separate type.

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